interaction Leipzig is designed to create opportunities for engagement and interaction between people with and without a refugee background, between new and old Leipzig residents. Via our online platform people from every background can initiate and generate interest for workshops, events, or simple meet ups.
At the same time, we aim to use art as a tool to create new forms of inter-cultural exchange and understanding, and are developing projects that allow everyone to participate actively and equally.


  • To dismantle barriers to contact and facilitate encounters on an equal footing between those with and without a refugee background
  • To shape the future and daily life of the city together with – rather than for – refugees
  • To empower refugees
  • To oppose the stigma of the refugee and to make visible a different reality


We are a team composed of people with and without a refugee backgrounds who, across our different languages and life histories, are working towards a joint vision.

We see ourselves as curators, researchers, mediators and supporters of interactions between refugees and non-refugees. Our projects are being jointly developed with artists, educational and cultural institutions, and activists.

Our team is supported by numerous additional volunteers.